Life as a Musician

Electric Lady Studios 

How did I get into the most famous recording studio in America as an unknown artist? 
Great question Id love to tell you. 

Ironically it’s similar to the way the band KISS did it in the 70s. I was in New York City and my plans fell through so I started trying to do what I could to get some contacts in the industry. I was a bright eyed kid who had some music I wanted in the hands of people who could make a difference. I started walking to the different record companies in town, calling them and telling them I had a very important demo to deliver.  They would say please mail it and I’d say no I’m actually right outside your door! They’d promptly say go away. Feeling a bit down I decided to go somewhere I knew had some magic.  Electric Lady Studios. 

But this time I had a plan. I googled Electric Lady to find out who the current owner was.  I walked right in to their doors and immediately a voice came from a camera above me. "WHY ARE YOU HERE?"  I confidently stated, I have a meeting with Lee (the managing partner). They said, "no you don’t, get out." I said "okay cool no worries, I will see you one day though."

SO how did KISS do it?  Well, Paul Stanley got a phone number for electric lady and called them every day for a meeting.  Eventually he said “people not paying attention to people like me is why bands like mine break up!” 

Except then KISS actually got in.  Until next time, these are my stories as a musician.