Garageband/Mainstage Presets and Tools

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Note: This product is for use in Garageband or Mainstage and is made with ALL Stock Plugins meaning anyone can use it with this download.

You know that glorious riff and tone at the beginning of Trip the Light Fantastic? I achieved the impossible. I recreated it in Garageband using only stock plugins. It took a TON of research and time, and now you can download it for just a few bucks!

I used my knowledge of production as well as the official Premiere Guitar interview with Jake to make this preset as accurate as possible.

When playing this tone live Jake uses an Electro-Harmonix Mel9 Tape Replay Machine to achieve the Mellotron sound. He chats in the video that Sam has a mellotron on stage but for that song it is actually HIM that makes the sound of it with his guitar! Jake also uses a variety of amps, boosts, delays, and reverbs to achieve a large STEREO sound.

I did the same thing using many different techniques in garageband. Download this preset and you will not be dissapointed. Just check out my demo of it here:

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@nick.rivers It works in GarageBand and MainStage using all stock stuff! 🎸I did a ton of research to nail this tone down. I saw Greta live two times, watched both the @PG rig rundowns, researched the amps and individual pedals, and boom came up with this awesome tone. 💻whether you’re a recording guitarist or just like pluggin in and playing with new tones this is an absolute blast to play with #guitarists #guitaristsoftiktok #guitar #garageband #gretavanfleet #guitaramp #guitaramps #guitaramplifier #electricguitar ♬ original sound - Nick Rivers