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Logic Pro x presets, manuals, tutorials

I am a full-time musician with a band, a studio, and a touring schedule.  This makes me the perfect guy to help you do the same!  I record my own music, mix it, master, distribute, everything.  For the first time I'm going to share my knowledge and tools I've created over the past 10+ years. 

I'm talking presets, tutorials, manuals and more.

These presets are a convenience product. You could spend hours and hours making the presets (and I even teach you how on my YouTube) but why not just save that time and grab them for a small price?

I hope you enjoy my products and share them with your friends. NOW GO GET ROCKIN!




My YouTube channel features tons of tutorials to help content creators with their craft.  If you have an idea for a video that would be helpful to you, feel free to contact me here (Make sure you Subscribe on YouTube first though, I only make videos for subscribers)


I have spent hours, sometimes days making different presets and channel strip settings that I use in my home studio.  One day I realized, why don't I share these with the world?  I teach you how to make many of these on my YouTube channel for free.  If you don't want to go through that hassle, I also just sell them on my website for a VERY LOW COST.  That way, you can get to recording right away. 


Ever wish you could hear the individual tracks of your favorite songs?  Now you can!  I release the stems to my songs! 


Do you have a song that you tracked at home or another studio?  Send it my way and I'll get it sounding FANTASTIC.   

PRICES for Mixing/Mastering
MIXING: $50/hour 
MASTERING: $20/song  

Did you Know?  If you send a track to Spotify and it's too loud or too soft, they will apply their own techniques to it to make sure it is within their standards.  This means if your track isn't mastered correctly they may change it without you even knowing!  If I master your song, you can ensure it is at THE EXACT dB level needed for Spotify.  


Want to come record at my home studio?  This is the studio where I engineer, mix, master, produce and release all of my own original content.  If you like the sound of my music, let's grab it for you too.  You are more than welcome to use many of my instruments and microphones.  I am located in New Richmond, WI and I also offer $50 discounts on prices for artists that wish to stay and record for multiple days using a hotel.  I recommend staying at the AmericInn by Wyndham (the best quality for the price in the area in my opinion). 


If you would like to work on your craft with me one-on-one we can certainly do that!  I charge by the half-hour for these consultations.  I prefer to do this Monday-Thursday as I have a busy gigging schedule but I can accommodate your schedule.


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