I'm so proud to announce I have partnered with Tula Mics as an official Affiliate!  You'll be seeing this mic more and more as it's my new obsession.  Buy it using the links on my site and I'll get a small bit of the profits!


If you are a content creator, I believe content comes down to this, honest content that tells a story in a captivating manner while being pleasant to watch.

I haven't been able to achieve a great 'live' sound for my TikToks and I knew that's what audiences wanted.  They don't want edited vocals and guitar that sound 'spotify or release ready'.  They just wanna hear me singing a song.  Enter the Tula Mic.  It's a mic that captures things as they sound to you.  Just check out my video below, which is 100% live using the Tula Mic.  The results speak for themselves...almost 22,700 organic views!

@nick.rivers My version of Highway Tune. Greta Van Fleet FOLKIFIED #gretavanfleet #gretavanfleettok ♬ original sound - Nick Rivers